School Spirit Sugar Cookies & a Dough-Rolling Tip

I think these are just the freakin’ cutest cookies! I’m so excited about how they turned out.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a few months to decorate cookies to represent the school where I teach, and I finally found an excuse to  make them. On our first day back to work a few days ago, our administrative staff had lunch catered for us teachers. It was quite the treat, and I wanted to give more than a verbal thanks or just a card.

Well, baking is one of my favorite things to do, and I’ve had a blast trying out sugar cookie decorating the past few months. Plus, the cookies are ultra addictively super duper scrumptious and I always welcome an excuse to make them.

The decorating on these babies was quite simple, really. Once the black dried on the tees, I just piped a few lines in yellow for accent and a few dots to make the paw to represent the panther, the school’s mascot. I really love how darn cute the yellow paw looks on the tee. That’s probably my favorite part of the design.

And the paw cookie was super simple: just a few circle outlines, a bit of filling them in, and a whole lotta done. Since the panther is the school mascot, the paw coordinated perfectly with the tees, which are highlighting our school colors.

I should have taken pics of how I packaged them. I keep on hand a supply of clear plastic bags that I buy at Michaels for cookie/treat gift giving. I cut black construction paper to fit inside the bags, placed the cookies on top, and tied off the bag with ribbon. Easy. Quick. You can leave the construction paper out, but I wanted the cookies to have a bit of support so they wouldn’t break and also to make the design stand out a bit more.

Now, isn’t this just the perfect pair to offer a sweet thank you for such a kind opening-day gesture?

For recipes and decorating instructions, check out my Sugar Cookie Decorating post where I list the links you need to get started and the post about places to buy cookie cutters and vanilla beans.

And here is a new tip I put into practice with this batch of cookies, learned from the book Cookie Craft: Lay and tape parchment paper to your rolling surface. Tape two 1/4-inch paint sticks (Lowes let me have them for free) to the edges of the parchment, rolling-pin width apart. Flatten your disk of dough between the sticks with your hand, place another sheet of parchment on top, then flatten the dough with the rolling pin until it rolls easily along the sticks. Voila–all cookies will now have uniform thickness! By the way, as you are rolling, if the top parchment paper wrinkles, just lift it and lay it on the dough again. I loved rolling between the parchment papers. I had never done this before, and it solved the problem of the dough sticking to the rolling surface and the pin.

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