Decorated Sugar Cookies

In my early days of attempting to bake pies and sugar cookies, the dough would stick in gooey clumps to my fingers and stubbornly adhere to the rolling surface. It didn’t take long before I gave up altogether.

Then one day my life turned in a new direction. A friend shared a link to Annie’s Eats food blog to share a sugar cookie recipe. And oh-my-God, Annie’s decorating skills made my jaw drop. This gal outdoes her talent every time she decorates a batch of cookies; just check out her butterfly designs –stunning! And her other works of art: Easter, snowflakes, Halloween, wedding, baby….

I yearn to decorate sugar cookies like Annie. I’m not there yet but am making progress. And having fun. And experimenting.

Annie provides tutorials (listed below) for decorating the cookies with royal icing. It’s like using a liquid sugar pencil to create masterpieces that pop off the cookie and cause people to say, “Your cookies look professional.”

My first foray into decorated sugar cookies worked. Meaning the dough rolled out smoothly and easily lifted from the counter–due to the malleable dough, to a generously floured work surface, and to a very thin spatula used to lift cutouts.

For Thanksgiving, I entered the arena of sugar cookies with simplicity, decorating with a star design and using only white so I could experience this royal icing technique. It worked!

For Christmas, I ventured into holiday trees, gingerbread men, and stockings. I added a few more colors and got better at drawing with the liquid sugar.

These flowers are my third attempt at decorating sugar cookies and although they are not stunning like some of the designs I’ve seen, I’m pleased enough to finally post a picture of my artwork.

Rather than recreate what I’ve seen posted, check out the following links for recipes and tutorials:

10 thoughts on “Decorated Sugar Cookies

  1. CONGRATS!!! I too followed those tutorials this week (I do not think I followed well enough though) but did not have as much luck as you did. Mine might not even get posted, the person I gave them to enjoyed them, but I was disappointed! Beautiful work here

    • One of the wisdoms I gained from Annie’s blog is to keep trying, which has greatly inspired me with this cookie decorating as well as trying many other recipes! Keep at it and I hope to see some designs from you this summer (yay for summer!).

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